Student Volunteering and Campaign Action

There are many other ways to volunteer your time with NUS, be that through a year-long project, through short one-off projects, or even taking action by lending your signature to a campaign.

Volunteer on a Green Project

If you’re interested in taking action on sustainability projects across campuses, curriculums and communities, then there are many volunteering opportunities available at NUS through our Sustainability projects.

Green Impact

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation and awards scheme that brings together staff and students to green campuses, curriculums and communities across the country. Green Impact is all about participation and has a range of exciting volunteer opportunities. From opportunities to develop new skills as a Green Impact Auditor, to gaining experience managing sustainability behaviour change across an entire academic year, the Green Impact project has a range of opportunities, with over 750 volunteers taking part each year.   

More information about Green Impact and the volunteer opportunities available can be found here.

Student Eats

Student Eats is a project that supports institutions across the UK in cultivating their own student-led growing sites for fruit and vegetables. Championed by a team of dedicated students, staff and members of the local community, Student Eats turns areas of campuses into versatile growing areas. Student Eats is a great opportunity to grow, eat and share food which is organic, local, low-carbon and delicious!

If you’re interested in volunteering on a Student Eats project, or want to find out more, then see here if your institution if participating already, or drop the Student Eats team an email.

Student Blackout

Student Blackout is a project that brings students from all over the UK together to demonstrate the positive impact of tackling energy wastage, on a campus-wide, collective scale. Bringing students together to switch off all lighting and equipment over the weekend, Student Blackout achieves massive financial and carbon savings.

To find out more, contact NUS here.  

Snap it Off!

A quick and easy project to get involved with! Snap it Off aims to stop energy being wasted through unnecessary lighting, not just on campus, but everywhere! You can make a change by simply taking a photo and sharing it with us – more information can be found here.

Student Switch Off

Student Switch Off is an energy saving competition run in halls of residence throughout the UK and across mainland Europe. If you’re living in halls then pledge your support and join Student Switch Off.

Other Volunteer Committee Opportunities

There are other ways to get involved by volunteering on the committee of one of our associated members. Details of the organisations can be found below:

National Society of Apprentices (NSOA):

NSOA is the national voice of apprentices, representing over 150,000 apprentices from across all sectors and industries, across the whole of the UK. Working to capture and promote the voice of apprentices, NSOA believes that everyone has the right to access an excellent apprenticeship.

NSOA is led by a leadership team of 18 apprentices. You can find out how to get involved and volunteer on the NSOA leadership team here.

Student Opportunities:

Sports, societies and volunteering are a huge part of any students’ union, and we’re committed to making students’ experience of these opportunities as positive as possible.

Student Opportunities provides support to the bodies that act to represent groups of students. You can get involved by volunteering on the voluntary committees that lead the representative bodies.

For more information about getting involved follow the links below.

The National Student Fundraising Association (NaSFA) is a representative body for all student fundraisers across the UK.

The National Student Television Association (NaSTA) is the representative body for and governed by student television.

The Student Radio Association (SRA) is a volunteer-run representative body which supports and acts on behalf of the UK student radio community.

The Student Publication Association (SPA) is a representative body for student newspapers and news-sites, magazines and entertainment publications.