Slowing down climate change

Can you disprove this? Student social action in the community is doing nothing to slow down climate change

This guide is specifically designed for students’ unions who have looked already at the impact of their green activities, for instance through the Student Green Fund programme.

Here you can include any activity that you think contributes towards the impact of stopping climate change through working in the local community. Partly because we’re interested in how students are directly benefitting their local communities and partly because many students’ unions have already done extensive impact analysis on this area.


Part A. Quantitative – build the argument

Try to answer these questions:

  • How much carbon is being saved? A conservative estimate is a good place to start.
  • Have students and/or other local residents changed their behaviour to be more sustainable?


Part B. Qualitative – how does your students’ unions contribute?

Try to answer these questions:

  • What is your students’ union doing that the community couldn’t do without you?
  • In what other ways have students and/or other local residents benefitted from the work?


Example posters from students’ unions

Keele University Students' Union (additional explainer)



(If you develop an interview and/or a survey template, please send them in for others to use