Liberation Networks

Connect, campaign and liberation with your community by joining our student networks!

Connect, campaign and liberation with our 5 Liberation Student Campaigners Network! 

Liberation is at the heart of NUS’s work. Our focus on Liberation has been crucial to so many of our wins in education and society. To ensure this work carries on and minoritised students stay represented across the 4 Nations, on the 16th sept we are launching the NUS Liberation Committee, to spearhead the growth of our radical student movement. 

Together, the 5 elected members of this team share years of experience in the student movement and working in SUs and SAs. They understand that campaigning for liberation as an individual is tireless and often isolating, that together we are stronger, and that the need for solidarity and collaboration is needed.  

Their main role is to facilitate and sustain the Liberation Student Campaigners Network for each liberation group, where students, sabbs, and SUs can share with, learn from, and support each other in their work. Join them today, in each of their dedicated Facebook groups and by following the network twitter accounts. 

NUS Liberation structures are changing, and it’s more important than ever that we work as a collective force fighting for Liberation. Click here to join the networks, and click here to learn more about the members of the new Liberation Campaign Committee.

Download the coms pack to advertise the networks in your students' union or students' association: Liberation Committee Assets.