The framework

2020 marked the launch of a newly revised QSU framework. We undertook an extensive review taking into consideration union feedback, expert advise and consultation with the education sector as well as with NUS members.


From now on, NUS will revise the framework every three years to ensure it’s up-to-date, fit-for-purpose and reflective of best practice across the student movement.


QSU is split into two parts. Part A is a basic health check, ensuring the union meets minimum standards for organisational good health including its statutory obligations.


Part B is a framework to help unions work to best practice – recognising where they are and helping them see how they can improve. It requires a more thorough self-assessment including qualitative data. Please note, the quality levels are cumulative and based on improvement - to be excellent, a union needs to met the descriptors outlined in good and very good as well. Descriptors are lettered simply to aid ease of use but horizontal descriptors may not be linked.


You can find the QSU 2020 framework here.


If you use a screenreader, or require an accessible format, please use this version.


For NUS members, you can also access this spreadsheet, which contains the framework in an editable format. Many unions have found it useful to have a version of the framework that’s editable and can be used in a dynamic way across a team to make notes, show progress etc. However, please note that this isn't a format NUS will use for verification. Please see more about verification here


For reference, you can find the 2014-2020 version of the framework here. Details of what's been updated in the 2020 framework in comparison with the previous version can be found here