Student Opportunities

NUS has several streams of work supporting student opportunities (covering everything from media, volunteering, clubs, physical activity, societies and fundraising). Here are some examples of what we do.

We build partnerships and share our expertise nationally:

We support students’ unions to break down barriers to participation:

  • publishing a national report with Universities UK about what stops students getting involved
  • researching volunteering in FE and in HE
  • engaging with companies operating in the student sports and societies market to promote inclusive activities
  • encouraging positive behaviours towards drinking with our Alcohol Impact programme

We work to evidence the difference we are making to students and society:

  • working to demonstrate the value of student opportunities
  • building a national evidence base about the difference we are making
  • shaping NUS to acknowledge success as the difference we make to students and society

We develop people and talent across student opportunities:

  • offering SUs a volunteer engagement survey
  • supporting staff networking and best practice sharing
  • developing activities officers, including through our residential training programme (Lead and Change)
  • delivering a programme of webinars to staff and officers across the student movement

Visit the dedicated students opportunities microsite to find out more...

Student Opportunities