European Elections 2019

Following months of political wrangling and ongoing uncertainty over how, when and even if we will leave Europe, the European elections present an opportunity to refocus the debate and to work together to ensure that students in Scotland are protected and continue to have access to the best support, opportunities, teaching and facilities.

NUS Scotland President Liam McCabe speaking at the Stirling for Europe demonstration last year

As Brexit approaches, we want to ensure that students voices are heard. As part of the EU Elections, NUS Scotland believes European Parliament candidates must commit to:

1. Guarantee EU funding which supports access to further education will be replaced in the event of Brexit
2. Guarantee EU funding which supported research in higher education will be replaced in the event of Brexit
3. Guarantee protections for EU national apprentices post-Brexit
4. Protect inward and outward student mobility post-Brexit, including participation in Erasmus+ or any successor schemes and cross-border study on the island of Ireland
5. Create a fair immigration system for all migrants including international students, with post-study work visas lasting at least two years
6. Ensure no hard border on the island of Ireland and protect the Good Friday Agreement
7. Give students and young people a final vote on exiting the EU

You can read the full manifesto document here