Welcome to your NUS membership 2020-21 

As a member of NUS you play a part in everything we do to champion and improve students’ lives. You also have access to unparalleled support, training and advice services – alongside an opportunity to work with us to shape the future of the student movement.  

Your membership 

As a member of NUS, you are now able to shape your membership through our tiered scheme.  


NUS  – campaigning nationally to improve the lives of students and delivering tangible impact for the student movement.  


NUS Charity – developing and championing strong students’ unions through advice, guidance and crisis support. Connecting members and curating services. For members who trade, helping students’ unions to make the most of their commercial enterprise income. 

This ensures each member only pays for the services that make the biggest difference to their students’ union.   

Discover our services 

This area of NUS Connect ensures all the most valuable aspects of your membership are at your fingertips. You’ll find information on how to get the best out of your membership, our programme of events, timelines and a brand pack to proudly show your membership!  

This area is your one stop shop to make your membership, work for you 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch.