Lead and change: Tutors

Lead and Change is back again for 2019 and we are looking to recruit our Tutors for this year’s event.

Our flagship three-day training event is a great opportunity to help develop the new generation of Officers providing them with the relevant skills, a chance to discuss the opportunities and challenges they will face and build their network for the year ahead.

Tutors will be facilitating the content designed by our L&D team and select partners during the three days, as well as hosting group discussions for the Officers to talk through the key issues they will be tackling.

How do I apply?

Firstly, you should familiarise yourself with the Tutor role profile below and then complete the application survey.

Tutor Role Profile pdf

Fill out our application here.

The application deadline will be March 31st and please speak to your manager to make sure they would be happy for you to volunteer.

Who can apply?

We want to encourage anybody who feels they match the role profile and has a passion for the development of Officers to apply.

We have had some fantastic Tutors in previous years, many of whom we hope will be applying again but we will be looking to bring in some new faces too.

New Tutors may be asked to attend an informal Skype interview on April 2nd or 3rd and you can indicate your preference on the form.

Do I need to apply if I have Tutored previously and want to do so again?

Yes. Please complete the application form so we know you are interested, however there will be elements of the application form you don’t need to worry about – it will be signposted on the form itself.

What support will there be for Tutors?

Every year we run a Tutor Briefing day for our First Year Tutors, this year it will be hosted at our Macclesfield Office on June 10th and June 11th – you will only need to attend one of the days.

You will be given access to the content in advance and we will run through the material and some useful techniques and info on the day, before booking in follow up Skype calls.

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