Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health

Its likely that the wellbeing and mental health of staff are high priority for most SUs, and increasingly organisations are turning towards support and prevention practices to help make a difference for their own people. 

Creating a healthy workplace can be a challenge, particularly since the impact of Covid-19 has changed the way so many of us work and interact with our colleagues. 

Huddersfield Students' Union have created a truly impactful approach to staff wellbeing, which they describe for us in the following case study to assist other SUs with their own thinking:

Read about staff mental health and wellbeing provision at Huddersfield Students' Union in this downloadable case study

At Huddersfield, the partnership with Mindful Employer has provided a cost effective and helpful support for staff and managers. 

Find out more about Mindful Employer, their charter for organisations, and the services they offer employers here.

Creating mentally healthy working environments

Something that has been done particularly well at Huddersfield is how they promote an open and inclusive culture so that staff feel comfortable about discussing mental health issue with colleagues and managers and being open about challenges they are experiencing.

If you're looking to create a similar approach in your SU, there are a number of free supportive resources available from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and MIND that can help you develop a preventative and supportive approach to mental health at work, including:


This free e-learning package from MIND focuses on mental health and wellbeing. The e-learning for staff contains three short modules (building your awareness, looking after yourself, and supporting each other) and has been designed for organisations with fewer than 250 employees.

If you have good practice from your own Students' Union you would like to share here, or resources / services to recommend, please contact