Good Ideas

Do you want some good ideas on work on faith and belief in FE? You’ve come to the right place!

On this page you’ll find lots of good ideas for events, activities and more that you could make happen in your college.

If you want some more information on faith and belief first check out the FAQ infosheets on the Further Education landing page.

Always remember that for any event to be successful it has to be tailored to your student body – you can find more info on how to ensure this here.

Some of these ideas are taken from the winners of our Faith and Belief Initiatives funding, find out more here.

Check out this video of Hereford Sixth Form College’s activity using our Faith and Belief Initiatives Funding

Beginner ideas

Check these out if you’re looking for something relatively easy to begin exploring faith and belief at your college:

Cadbury College – Cultural Fashion Show

Download now

Cambridge Regional College – Chinese New Year Celebration

Download now

Guildford College – I:AM? Culture, faith and identity day

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South Gloucestershire and Stroud College – tutorial project – speakers from faith communities

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Advanced ideas

These are for you if you are looking for more for something longer term, where some faith and belief work may already be established:

Cambridge Regional College – Christmas celebrations

Download now

Cambridge Regional College – Eva’s Story, Holocaust Memorial Day

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Cambridge Regional College – Reflection Activity

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St. Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Fill the Gap: challenging stereotypes of religion

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