Governance Peer Review Scheme

Supporting Governance Excellence in Students’ Unions

We all know that great governance is critical in creating and maintaining a students’ union that can win for students. Governance provides the SU with focus, vision and takes care of the important paperwork.

Following the launch of the SU Governance Code, NUS has been committed to providing a package of support to encourage governance excellence in students’ unions.


Part of this package is the Governance Peer Review Scheme.

A step up from self-review for those who want a little more support or structure, a Governance Review with a trained peer from the movement can provide focus, understanding and a clear path for development of your students’ union governance.

Your Reviewer will use tools specially adapted from NCVO for students' unions - so it's a tailored product and experience. 

Best of all - it can be absolutely free. Our volunteer's expenses are the only cost, so if you have an online Review, there's nothing to pay. 


1. To support governance excellence in students’ unions
2. To encourage peers to support each other in the sector
3. To support the development of governance within SUs in a sustainable way
4. To identify trends and practice in governance across SUs to be able to focus support in the future

How & where

Utilising the SU Governance Code (a specifically adapted version of the Charity Governance Code), a trained Peer Reviewer will analyse the results of a short self-review by your trustees, and then facilitate discussion about specific areas of governance development, and support your board to come up with a realistic, achievable action plan based on best practice from across the charity sector and student movement.

After the Review, you will receive a report of your findings, the discussion, and the agreed action plan to keep. This can serve as a fantastic tool for further development, as well as a ‘visual snapshot’ that can easily be repeated, meaning that progress is easily measured and monitored on an annual basis. 

As our Peer Reviewers are volunteers taking their time to support the wider movement, only expenses need to be covered, and the session can be done online which is a no-cost option. For more information and to express an interest in having a Governance Peer Review please email