NUS International students campaign represents around 425,000 international students studying higher and further education in the UK. We campaign on issues that affect both EU and non-EU students, and work closely across NUS to ensure that international students’ voices are heard across the different campaigns.

Yinbo Yu is the elected NUS International Students’ Officer 2017-18, and he is supported by an elected committee, who consist of a mixture of EU and non-EU students.

The campaign covers the entire international student experience and below are brief introductions to the main areas we are focusing on this year

Student visas and immigration

The Home Office and the UKVI have increasingly targeted international students as an easy win in the broader immigration debate in the UK.

As pressure on the government to remove international students from net migration figures increases, the International Students’ Campaign is leading the charge in securing the rights of international students in the UK.

International students and education

As well as working nationally, we work to support the campaigns of international students locally. This covers a wide range of the educational experience, from housing, fees, xenophobia on campus, employability and internationalisation.

We also run development days and conferences to bring international students together to build our campaigns.

For more information, have a look at some of our work:

Throughout the twentieth century NUS has campaigned internationally

NUS was founded in 1922 in the immediate aftermath of the first world war. The original founders and our first President, Ivison Macadam, wanted to build an organisation which built friendship and connections with students throughout the world.

We were represented in the Confederation Internationale des Etudiants, set up our own travel company - NUS Travel - in 1930, to enable more students to build their international connections, campaigned against apartheid and campaigned for multi-national businesses like Coca-Cola to address their unethical practices across the globe.

Today, NUS continues to extend its work internationally in a range of ways - by building partnerships with international organisations, by supporting other national students’ unions and by campaigning with and for international students in the UK.