NUS 100 is a strategic framework designed to take NUS up to its hundredth year in 2022. It is a roadmap to strengthen and build the organisation, and the wider movement, so that together we can achieve our ultimate aims.

It is underpinned by a solid, principled theory of change that we have developed through extensive consultations and engagement with students’ unions and is based on what you told us you were working on, and on what you told us you wanted NUS to be. 

So what do we want achieve?

NUS 100 sets out four key areas:

Everyone can access and excel in post 16 education | Gall pawb gael mynediad – a rhagori –mewn addysg ôl-16

The learner voice creates change in education | Bydd llais y dysgwr yn creu newid mewn addysg

Wellbeing and welfare are central to the student experience | Mae llesiant a lles yn ganolog i brofiad myfyrwyr

Students should be confident to engage in civic life | Dylai myfyrwyr fod â’r hyder i gymryd rhan mewn bywyd dinesig

And how will we achieve this?

Again we have summarised this into four key areas:

Supporting excellence in students’ unions | Cefnogi rhagoriaeth mewn undebau myfyrwyr

Developing a strong and influential collective voice | Datblygu llais cyfunol cryf a dylanwadol

Putting data, evidence and digital at the heart of our movement | Gosod data, tystiolaeth a digidol wrth galon ein gwaith

Attracting and retaining outstanding people | Denu a chadw pobl eithriadol


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