NUS Wales Women’s Officer Chisomo Phiri

What’s your name?
Chisomo ("Chizi") Phiri

What’s your position?
NUS Wales Women’s Officer

Where are you from?
Exeter, Devon

What’s your education background?
I studied Public Relations and Media at Swansea University.

Why is education important to you?
Education is important to me because it has helped me grow and develop as a person. It has also helped me to engage with politics and activism and find my voice.

What’s your single biggest goal as Women’s Officer?
My biggest goal as an officer is to end period poverty in Wales.

Why do you love students’ unions?
I love student unions’ because they give students the ability to make real change and change the political climate. I also love students unions’ because they are at the heart of student life and create a home away from home.

What’s your big aim in life?
World domination! (I’m joking.) There are so many things that I want to achieve! Apart from the usual of having a good job (preferably in campaigning and influencing), marriage, children, a few houses… Ultimately, I just want to the world to be a fairer place for everyone and I would love to have contributed towards making that happen. Ending period poverty and closing the gender pay gap are two issues that are very close to my heart, so I would love to see these issues eradicated in my lifetime.