NUS Wales Deputy President Alex Rollason

What’s your name?
Alex Rollason

What’s your position?
NUS Wales Deputy President

Where are you from?

What’s your education background?
I completed an apprenticeship in engineering.

Why is education important to you?
Put simply, education is important to me because it is what has moved me forward in life. Without it I couldn’t do the job I enjoy.

What’s your single biggest goal as Deputy President?
My single biggest goal as Deputy President is for a Welsh college to have a full time sabbatical officer by the end of my term.

Why do you love students’ union?
I love students’ unions because they work tirelessly for students regardless of whether or not they get recognition for it. Students’ unions all around the country do huge amounts of quiet, behind-the-scenes work to help improve their students’ lives, and this is absolutely invaluable.

What’s your big aim in life?
My general rule is to go with the flow, but if I had to give an answer I suppose it would be to become a chief engineer in a global organisation.