NUS-USI Conference

22-23 March 2018

This annual democratic event provides a great opportunity for delegates to network with other students and activists from across Northern Ireland campuses.  Delegates heard from inspirational speakers, elected new leaders, took part in group activities and debated and formed policy.  

Conference documents - these will be updated for the 2018 conference shortly 

These are the formal documents of notification, rules and procedures surrounding conference.  

NUS-USI LGBT+ conference

The NUS-USI LGBT+ conference took place on the first day of the NUS-USI conference at Armagh City Hotel and elected Conor Loughram  as the first NUS-USI LGBT+ Officer:  

Regional executive committee report

NUS-USI president Fergal McFerran produces an annual report on the work of the regional executive committee.  You can download the report here.


Visit the elections page for full details.

For information on the agenda and democratic procedures at conference, please contact NUS-USI manager Laura Stobo.