Working for the movement

Build a career in students’ unions

NUS is a small team, so we don’t always have vacancies available, but throughout our network of members there are always opportunities you can explore.

Students’ unions are amazing organisations – part business, part charity – and all seriously fun places to work. You’ll find careers in students’ unions at SU.Careers, where you can register a profile in our talent pool, set up tailored job alerts and learn about the huge variety of professional roles available up and down the UK.

The exact opposite of corporate, we’re progressive, creative people making a difference in unconventional workplaces. Could you help people make change for themselves? Make the most of their student experience? Make the change they want in the world?

Like us our members are looking for talented professionals who are looking for something different to support their student leaders. Students’ unions come in all shapes and sizes, with job roles at all levels, and with more than 550 unions across the country, you can build a career doing what you love, in a huge range of highly flexible and supportive environments.

If you thrive on diversity, variety, challenge, and creativity is your thing, work somewhere professional, but different. Build a career in students’ unions.