Archiving update

The move from Macadam House to the new London office was an opportunity to ensure that archive files held in London, as well as materials generated in recent years, were sent to Warwick for posterity. With the help of Heather McKnight and David Malcolm, some 40 boxes of materials were sent to the archive, including significant quantities of material relating to welfare, student finance and liberation work over the last 25 years, as well as the AMSU Agenda magazine archive, the Design Unit archive and various other files, mainly from more recent periods. These files should be available to academic researchers soon. Heather and Mike Day then visited Manchester where we had been storing a large quantity of files from the Holloway Road office. Over two days, these materials were also catalogued and two large palettes sent to Warwick.


Finally, the archive materials held in NUS’s Edinburgh office have been catalogued by Mike, and further additions to this have been sent from London and Manchester, including ephemera that cannot be held in Warwick such as posters, banners, t-shirts.


As a result, NUS’s archives should be in the best state for many years, if not ever. This is a significant milestone in our attempts to make researching and understanding the history of NUS easier as we head towards our 100th birthday.


Photo: Archives in transition