Become an NUS Officer

NUS has 19 Full Time Officers, and many more volunteer officers, who are responsible for the political leadership of the organisation. The Full-Time officer roles are paid positions. All officer positions are open to all Individual Members of NUS - Volunteers, Student Officers and Students. 

Accountable & Representative - Officers are accountable to the membership of nearly 600 students’ unions, and responsible for representing and being the voice of 7 million students.

Organisational Leadership - Officers also form part of the wider NUS leadership network and contribute to the strategic direction of the organisation.

The process: Nominations will open in late December/early January. More information will soon be uploaded on how you can stand for election to these positions.

Candidates for election to the full-time positions on the National Executive Council are required to sign a contract of employment with the National Union, the terms of which are agreed by the National Executive Council.

Full Time Officers

NUS UK positions

National President, Vice President Further Education, Vice President Higher Education, Vice President Society and Citizenship, Vice President Union development, Vice President Welfare, Black Students Officer, Disabled Students Officer, International Students officer, LGBT+ officer (Women’s Place), LGBT+ officer (Open Place), Women’s Officer

NUS Scotland

NUS Scotland President, Vice President Education, Women’s Officer

NUS Wales

NUS Wales President, Deputy President, Women’s Officer


President NUS USI


Voluntary Positions

There are also a number of voluntary Officer positions


Postgraduate Research Representative, Postgraduate Taught Representative, Mature Students Representative, Part-Time Students Representative

NUS Wales

LGBT Officer, Students with Disabilities Officer, Black Students Officer, Welsh Language Officer

NUS Scotland

Vice-President Communities, Communities Campaign Convenors x 2, Education Campaign Convenors x2, Priority campaign Convenor x2, Black Students Officer, Disabled Students Officer, LGBT Officer


Deputy President, Women’s Officer, LGBT Officer, FE Officer, Environmental Officer, Welfare Officer, Disabled Students’ Officer, Equality Officer, Volunteering & Community Officer