Students Deserve Better!

I weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg, cliciwch yma.

We know that #StudentsDeserveBetter than their treatment during the pandemic. Now is the time for the governments and universities to recognise this too.




What can you do to help students?


Sign the petition for fair treatment!



Students have been let down time and time again during the pandemic. We must act now to ensure that they are well-supported during the return to campus chaos and beyond, and not being neglected by their institutions or leaders.


It doesn’t matter who you are – student, parent/guardian, or concerned citizen; if you’re as disappointed with the governments’ response to coronavirus and students issues as we are, then sign the petition! It only takes two minutes to fill out the form.


Help us take action to ensure students are supported in the following areas…


  • Uphold students' basic legal rights – students should not be treated differently to other members of the public, or scapegoated in any way. Under no circumstances should students be restricted, threatened or policed by private security forces.

  • The right to leave without financial detriment – including exiting accommodation to access education entirely online, deferring or permanently dropping out of the course.

  • Fair treatment during accommodation lockdowns – rent reimbursement for lockdown periods and free internet access, care packages with food, household products, wellbeing materials and general necessities, and targeted educational & mental health support, with facilitation of social activity.

  • An effective strategy for education now and for post-covid recovery – Now: an effective test & trace system in place, a move to online teaching as default and immediate financial & wellbeing support. Post-Covid: investment into digital infrastructure and mental health support. Future: a new strategy that delivers lifelong, funded and accessible education for everyone in society.




What is NUS doing for students?


We’ve been working around the clock, alongside students’ unions, to fight for justice and defend students’ rights throughout this pandemic. The collective power of NUS and SUs across the country has won our students £500m back by securing early tenancy release, forced the government to provide £66m for hardship support with a #StudentSafetyNet, demanded a 4-Nations U-turn on A-level, GCSE and BTEC grading – winning #JusticeForEducation, and secured rent refunds for students in accommodation lockdown… to name a few.


Coronavirus has served to reinforce the strength and power of our movement, demonstrating what we can achieve when we work together. NUS and Students’ Unions have and will continue to represent students at local, regional and national levels, united and mobilised.