NUS Scotland Women's Officer

Shuwanna Aaron

Hiya, I'm Shuwanna, NUS Scotland Women's Officer. After an amazing year as Black Students' Officer in Scotland, I am delighted to have been elected Women's Officer. I'm really excited to get to work with and for women and non-binary students in Scotland.


My priorities this year are to:


- Strengthen feminist activism across colleges and universities by launching a Feminist 101 tour and building partnerships with local grassroots organisations such as Sisters Uncut


- Tackle gendered violence and oppression by raising the concerns of racialised and gender minority students, delivering consent workshops, promoting bystander intervention and helping students' associations to become third party reporting centres


- Use the recommendations of the Bairn Necessities report to champion the concerns of student parents and support students' associations to meet the needs of students who are parents

Studied History at University of Edinburgh
Former NUS Scotland Black Students' Officer