NUS Scotland Vice President (Communities)

Elena Semple

Elena Semple was the convenor for the Women’s Society and an Associate Trainer at City of Glasgow College. She emigrated from the US in 2007 to study at the University of Glasgow, recently completed an HND Legal Services at City of Glasgow College and is moving to the University of Stirling to complete her LLB Law in September 2017. 

As a member of the Student Executive Committee at City of Glasgow College Students’ Association, her priority was raising awareness to Period Poverty amongst students and was successful in launching a campaign to offer free sanitary products from the Students’ Association. 

As NUS Scotland’s volunteer Vice President (Communities), her priorities are to tackle gendered violence and hate crime and to campaign for better counselling services for international, asylum seeking and refugee students. Alongside this Elena wants to work to support student-led cooperatives and help raise awareness of tenancy rights for students.


Twitter: @NUS_ElenaSemple