Stepping Up, Making Change: Campaigns & Activism Training

NUS Scotland wants to help your students’ association to gain the skills in campaigning and activism you need to make a real difference for students.



We want to empower student activists to be able to bring about change on a local, regional and national level. We want to know the issues facing your students, and together work out a plan for what we can to make them better.


The workshop covers a range of skills needed to plan an effective campaign, including how to engage with students, how to map where power lies between decision makers, stakeholders and allies, how to choose the right strategy and tactics for success and more.


The workshop is designed to work with students’ associations on their campaigning priority. We can adapt the training based on the specific needs of your campaign. We’ll help you get to the heart of the problem you’re dealing with, and work out what is winnable. During the workshop we’ll establish a campaign plan, including an action to make the issue known publicly. NUS Scotland campaigns team will stay in touch to provide support and advice following the training, and one of our Full Time Officers will attend and take part in your campaign action.


Students’ associations who would like to make use of this training should should fill out the form below, and we will then get in touch to arrange final details.