Membership Timeline

This is what your membership year looks like. The below shows the key points in the year when we provide information on your membership and ask for information from you.  In addition, we send regular updates on our campaigning work across the four nations and our NUS Charity work which is designed to help develop your students’ union.  

The calendar of events and key event deadlines can be found here.


July, August and September 

Our year starts when yours does, with the new officer intake in July. Through the summer months your officers can find out more about NUS membership both at Lead and Change, Y Talwrn, The Gathering, SUT, SUT+ and through our Introduction to NUS Meetings. 

We’ll be asking you to update your contact details and add your officers and any new staff. 

We publicise details about our programme of events for the year. This information is included in the Events Calendar and you will be sent your unique Secure Code which allows members to register for events together with details of how many delegates you are entitled to send to our democratic events. 

During these months we’ll also be releasing our Officer development programme, this is an essential part of creating the strongest student movement possible, equipping incoming officers with the skills they need to make the most effective impacts during their time in office. 

Invoices for Membership Fees go out to members in September. 

We’ll be updating our anti-racism training in line with NUS-UK’s decolonising education campaign ensuring our Creating Equity at Work and Leadership for Race Equity courses, as well as new content, are fit-for-purpose and pushing for the systemic changes we know we need in our movement and beyond. 

We know you’ll be busy with Welcome Weeks in September and October – so we make sure to keep our requests and member communications to a minimum. 


October, November and December 

For anyone who uses our Elections service, we will be requesting your election dates and rules. 

We run Strategic Conversation, one of our key member events.  

During November our Union Development team verify the submissions for Quality Students’ Unions.  

This year we’ll be developing an inter-union staff mentoring scheme developing mentoring and coaching skills as well as enhancing individuals’ professional development with peer-support. 

Your final payment of your membership contribution fee is due by 31 December, unless you have a board approved payment plan in place. You can make a request for a payment plan on your membership contribution fees but this needs to be made before 31 December. More details here


January, February and March 

Preparations start for democratic events which run through March and April – you can find the deadlines and events information here.

For members one of the key dates for this is at the end of January, where we ask you to submit topics and ideas to shape what’s being discussed at democratic conferences in each of the devolved nations and at our four nation events. 

These months are also a key time to use our Elections Support Service.  

RISE leadership programme will be delivered during these months. The Rise Leadership Programme gives in-depth development to Black staff who are aspiring leaders. The programme also invites white line managers of the Black participants to attend so they can learn how to create an environment in which Black staff can thrive. 

We’ll be sending out our Employee Engagement survey, this enables students’ unions to measure the engagement and satisfaction of their staff. 


April, May and June 

We continue our programme of democratic events which enable your students and officers to shape the campaigning priorities of NUS UK. 

We also run our Annual Data Return Survey where we ask for some important information about you. 

  • Contact details for primary contacts and finance contacts  

  • Student numbers for the last academic year 

  • Your block grant total for the previous year 

  • A copy of your accounts 

  • Your Constitution 

  • Your referendum cycle 

You receive indications of your Membership Contribution during these months.  

We will run our SU Survey to gain an in-depth analysis of SU services 

Again, in June we know you’ll be really busy preparing for your new officer teams, so we try and keep member requests to a minimum.