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NUS sees its role in supporting students’ union elections as a vital part of its membership offer. Students’ unions are able to ensure their elections are free and fair through the support of an independent national body, with experience of the distinctive nature of students’ union elections. Members are able to learn from good practice from across the wider movement and draw on decades of experience in running students’ union elections. NUS’ support also gives an assurance to parent institutions that their regulatory obligations are being met in accordance with the Education Act (1994). Last year 89 students’ unions used NUS to return their elections.

Over the past few years our elections support service has been updated to make the people with decades of students’ unions elections experience responsible for making those key and complex decisions. As a result of this, there has been greater consistency in decisions across the whole country - the key driver behind reforming our approach, as we believe it is one of the fundamental reasons the vast majority of unions choose to use us to return their elections.

The NUS Elections Report 2019 is available to view here

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