Elections Commission

The Elections Commission group was formed in August 2018 and consisted of CEOs, staff and Officers from across the movement. The core aim of the group was to understand the current context around union elections, trends in election issues and complaints, as well as taking a detailed look at developing national support to address the following key issues:

  • Black students’ experiences
  • Engagement of under-represented groups
  • Candidate behaviours and conduct during elections


Here you can find the outcomes from the commission work that will help you run elections and promote best practice:

Additional support has also been put in place for 2018/19 including:

  • Workplace group for Deputy Returning Officers
  • Regional DRO Community of Practice meetings which took place during October-November 2018 and will be resumed after the main elections period in 2018/19

If you have any questions, you can contact 

Watch Ali Milani, former Vice President (Union Development) introducing the resources: