Students' Union Line Management Development Programme

This training programme is aimed at first time Line Managers within Students’ Unions.

Over the course of 6 months, you will be able to study for the nationally recognised Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management which covers:

  • “Understanding Leadership” and,
  • “Understanding How to Establish an Effective Team”

In addition to gaining the qualification, there are three further modules which focus specifically on the challenges facing Students’ Unions now. These modules include:

  • How to manage and maintain relationships in a member-led environment
  • Inclusive management and understanding Unconscious Bias
  • Managing the new power dynamic of a first time Manager.

What should you expect:

The programme will take place virtually, with online learning to complete for your assignments and a great network of peers and coaches to support you along the way. For the two ILM assignments, you will have 1:1 coaching as well as group action learning sets where you and your peers can discuss the content, the assignments and also how you can put your learning in to practise in the real world.

You will have access to an exclusive group via Workplace by Facebook to discuss ideas and share best practise too. By the time you complete the programme, you will not only have new skills to help you within your role, but also a strong new network of colleagues to collaborate with and an action plan of how you can effectively implement your new ideas too!


As a result of this training you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate your preferred leadership style and understand the benefits and any potential drawbacks
  • Explain the behaviours and actions that support you in building and maintaining relationships with your key stakeholders
  • Demonstrate what you have done to build an effective team
  • Understand how to build a team
  • Explain steps you have taken to overcome the challenges faced managing with a Students’ Union
  • Proactively share your successes regarding managing inclusivity and the practical steps you have taken to minimise the impact of Unconscious Bias
  • Explain the challenges you have faced due to the new power dynamic of first time management and how you were able to overcome them


Who should attend:

Line Managers who are within their first 12 months in a management role at a Students’ Union.


Course dates:

The programme will last 6 months, there are some key dates highlighted below but for a more detailed breakdown (including coaching, action learning sets and Managing within Students’ Unions modules) please have a look at the attached “Agenda” below.

Element of the course Deadline
Registration deadline 14 December 2018
Introductory Skype session 14 January 2019
ILM Module 1 Assignment Due 15 February 2019
ILM Module 2 Assignment Due 29 March 2019
Full programme completion 12 July 2019


£550 – Full programme (inclusive of all ILM registrations, assessments and certification)


Additional Information:



The impact of this course on the individual and organisation will be:

  • Increased confidence and skills in leadership
  • Improved management capability within Students’ Unions
  • Increased networking between managers of different Students’ Unions and access to coaching
    NUS 100
    This course is all about students’ unions attracting and retaining outstanding people, supporting excellence in Students’ Unions and keeping wellbeing and welfare central to the student experience.
    If you would like further information about this course please email