Staff communities of practice

How the communities of practice work

The staff communities of practice are run by students’ union staff for peers within the student movement. The aim of these groups is to connect, build relationships, and share good practice with people who are in your field, or define into the same liberation group as you. They are key to fostering and sharing staff expertise across the movement.

The students’ union staff coordinator/s of each community of practice is responsible for driving the agenda for meetings and running the meetings.

NUS can offer support to those who lead communities of practice by:

  • assigning a lead contact who can help with coordinating practical arrangements
  • sharing good practice on how to coordinate groups
  • promoting the work of communities of practice to relevant staff across the movement through national communications channels
  • and incorporating time into NUS events for communities of practice to meet and showcase their work.

Setting up a new community of practice

Any staff member in an SU can set up a community of practice. If you work in an area that does not fit into one of the existing groups and would like to connect and share good practice with others in your field please get in touch with  to discuss how we can support you in setting up a new community of practice.

Joining a community of practice

Please visit and log in with the same email address as you use for NUS Connect.

You will then be able to search for the groups below.

If you have a problem  finding the group below you can join the groups via this form or contact Customer Services.

List of staff communities of practice:

  • NUS Best Bar None Community of Practice
  • NUS Learning and Development Staff
  • NUS Small & Specialist Staff
  • NUS Disabled Staff
  • NUS LGBT+ Staff
  • NUS Women Staff
  • NUS Black Staff
  • NUS Sustainability Staff
  • NUS Bar Managers
  • NUS Shop Managers
  • NUS Race Matters
  • NUS Campaigns Staff
  • NUS Events Staff
  • NUS Finance Managers
  • NUS extra
  • NUS Marketing and Communications Staff
  • NUS Commercial managers
  • NUS Halls Life
  • NUS Give it a Go!
  • NUS CEO's, Deputy CEO's and Directors (SLT)
  • NUS Advice Caseworkers in Students' Unions
  • NUS Workers in democracy and representation (WIDAR)
  • NUS Human Resources Staff
  • NUS Managers of Membership Services (MOMS)
  • NUS Student Opportunities Staff
  • NUS Further Education (FE) Staff
  • NUS Policy Research and Development
  • NUS LLDD/ SEND Staff Group
  • NUS Housing - energy and wellbeing
  • NUS Catering Managers
  • LVPN Wales Learner Voice Practitioner Network Wales
  • NUS Arts Unions Community of Practice
  • NUS London Regional Staff Network
  • NUS Digital Development
  • NUS-USI SU staff networking group
  • Grŵp Trafod Cymru / Wales Discussion Group
  • NUS London Regional Staff Network
  • NUS Scotland SA Campaigns and Representation Staff
  • NUS Press Staff
  • NUS Risk Management
  • NUS South West Learner Voice Practitioners
  • NUS Satellite Campuses and Distance Learners

List of project groups:

  • NUS Learner Voice Framework
  • NUS Students' Union data protection
  • NUS Everything Exchequer
  • NUS Workplace Support
  • NUS Announcements
  • NUS General Discussion

Self-defining staff groups:

  • NUS Disabled Staff
  • NUS LGBT+ Staff - ‘LGBT+’ is our acronym for people who define as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans and the ‘+’ is representative of other groups who are oppressed because of their sexuality and gender identity e.g. non-binary, gender-queer, queer, asexual and pansexual.
  • NUS Women Staff - 'Women’ and the NUS Women’s Campaign at NUS is inclusive on non-binary people and those with complex gender identities.
  • NUS Black Staaff - ‘Black’ at NUS is used as a political term uniting those from African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean, Indigenous, Pacific Islander, and South American communities.