What to expect

For too long the student movement has not tackled the organisational issues and barriers for Black staff to enter, thrive and progress. Senior Managers asked NUS to provide the practical skills to take action at an organisational level on the issues highlighted by the Race Matters Report and that is why we introduced our free training, Leadership in Race Equity. For this course to be effective, to drive real change in your union, senior leaders in SUs need to prioritise this training. We thank those who have. Hear from Sam Budd and Aidan Grills on why this training matters to CEOs who want black staff to thrive.

Matt Webber from Leeds Trinity talks about his experience after attending the training session we held in Manchester:

What did you expect to learn?

About my role as a leader in understanding more about racism and race equity and implementing changes that support the latter back in my organisation. Also coming up with some tangible actions to take back with me and to improve our engagement with black students and in recruitment of black staff.

Did it meet your expectations?

Absolutely. Nim was a fantastic workshop leader, covered a range of topics and used a variety of learning tools and techniques. We were provided with constructive challenges and I left with ideas of what I would do next which was what I really wanted to get out of the day. It also felt like we were in a space where we could discuss issues honestly and were all focused on solutions. 

What has it made you think about personally and in your work?

That there are actions I can and must take to support race equity as a leader of my organisation. I made a list of what I would do as a result of the training which I have begun to implement. A colleague also set up a group on Workplace so we could continue a conversation about how we are putting into practice our learning.

What would be your message to other CEOs who haven’t booked on yet?

It is a great opportunity to understand, identify and implement action to confront racism and support race equity. I learnt a lot in a day and speaking to colleagues it felt like we all found it valuable and had lots to take away and do. It really is worth attending. 

This Friday (16th) is the last Leadership on Race Equity session. Places are still available so sign up today! You can now sign-up as many senior leaders within your organisation as you like (whilst spaces are available).