Lead and Change: Second Years

This flagship three-day training event is specifically for second year officers who have already been in the role for a year. This course will give you the opportunity to reflect on your experinence so far and what you can do to improve upon, adapt and change in order to inhabit the most effective leadership skills.

During your time at Lead and Change we aim to help you create and sustain core networks with officers who have shared or have similar portfolios, sharing experiences and ideas to help you with your time in office.

As well as the three-day event you will be provided with online resources which will be an additional resource for you to aid to and sustain your knowledge.

As a result of the training you will be able to:

  • Utilise institutional and positional power
  • Unite people to take collective action
  • Challenge systemic oppression
  • Reflect on your internal and external environment in decision making

Who should attend:

All Second year Student Officers. If you have been on Lead and Change previously (or not) this course builfs on your experience after a year as an established Student Officer.

Course Information:

Date Location Course Timings Registration Deadline
24 - 26 July 2018 University of Hertfordshire

3 Day course:

10am - 6pm

Late registration will be open until:

10th July 2018

31 July - 2 August 2018 Leeds Beckett University

3 Day course:

10am - 6pm

Late registration will be open until:

17th July 2018

Registration :


£399 - Full Delegate

£250 - Limited number of spaces are available for FE and Small and Specialist Institutions.

Please see the criteria to ensure you qualify for the discounted price.

Additional Information:

Joining Instructions Week 1 (University of Hertfordshire):

Joining Instructions Week 2 (Leeds Beckett):


Impact of training for individuals and organisations:

  • A more inclusive students' union
  • Improved resillience
  • Wider student engagement with the students' union
  • Increased confidence of leading as a student officer
  • Increased campaign success
  • Improved network of fellow student officers

As part of the training:

  •  Articulate the purpose of different groups within the wider student movement ecology
  • Critique the strengths and limitations of the different types of power you have as a Student Officer
  • Recognise the intersections of students’ unions trustee boards, democracy, representation and values and how they apply to decision making
  • Demonstrate advanced techniques for negotiation and influencing
  • Identify community leaders and enable them to achieve shared purpose
  • Demonstrate how to build sustainable and strong relationships with a variety of stakeholders
  • Determine the most effective method of creating change
  • Build a compelling story bring together an issue and their claim to lead it
  • Analyse the different and broad manifestations of structural oppression
  • Recognise how to challenge manifestations of oppression comfortably
  • Use your understanding to deepen the cultural and historical knowledge of oppression in others.
  • Create proactive responses for when you or others are triggered, upset or alienated.
  • Identify ways to embed mutuality in your leadership practice and the structure and culture of your students’ unions
  • Demonstrate how values work and how they apply to leadership and social change

NUS 100

This course is all about students’ unions being diverse, inclusive and equitable organisations, supporting them to attract and retain outstanding people.


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