FE Lead and Change


FE Lead and Change is a powerful training course designed specifically for new student leaders of FE students’ unions. This 1-day, classroom based course will ensure you are equipped with the skills you need to create an inclusive and dynamic union. You will learn how you can improve the quality of student experiences by creating the change you and your peers want to see by developing your skills as a confident, influential and inspiring leader.



As a result of the training you will be able to:

  • Analyse how inequalty may impact different groups of students to engage in education
  • Design a range of strategies to involve the diversity of your student body in the work of the students' union.

  • Apply campaign planning tools to develop a campaign strategy.

  • Use opportunities to build your network within the FE community.


Who should attend?

  • Further Education Student Officers


Course Information

This is available as an in-house training option only, so if you would like to host this training with other unions locally, please contact and we will come to you.



£55pp + Trainer travel and expenses + VAT


Impact of training for individuals and organisations:

  • A more inclusive students' union
  • Wider engagement within the students' union
  • Increased confidence of leading as a student officer.
  • Increased campaign success
  • Improved engagement in FE networks across the country


As a part of the training you will:

  • Recognise the current challenges facing the FE sector
  • Describe the purpose of a students' union and the your role within it
  • Explain what systematic oppression is and how it creates inequality in FE
  • List a range of methods to widen participation in students’ unions and learner voice activity
  • Recall opportunities to get involved with NUS (including democratic processes)
  • Assess the root causes of a campaign issue.
  • Identify stakeholders to build relationships with.


NUS 100

Attracting and retaining outstanding people



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