Women’s Officer

Rachel Watters

I’m Rachel Watters, the NUS Women’s Officer and a former Women’s Officer of NUS-USI.

The priority campaign for the NUS Women’s Campaign in 2019-20 is reproductive justice: we are campaigning to ensure that students’ bodily autonomy is respected in all areas relevant to their sexual and reproductive health and to ensure student parents can raise their families in safe and sustainable communities. To tackle sexual violence and harassment in education, we work with student activists, officers and sector experts to remove barriers to support and justice for survivors and for institutions to be held accountable for failing to keep students safe.

The Women’s Campaign continues to organise against state policy with harmful gendered and racialised impacts. This involves challenging the specific harms of the Prevent duty for Black and Muslim women, lobbying for the decriminalisation of sex work, supporting campaigns to challenge precarious work conditions and raising awareness of the role of austerity in period poverty.