Women’s Officer

Sarah Lasoye


Hey! I’m Sarah and I’m your National Women’s Officer for 2018-19. I first became involved in feminist organising while at St. George’s University, where I founded the Intersectional Feminist Society, co-founded the anti-harassment campaign “Draw the Line”, and introduced compulsory consent trainings for all incoming students. After a dream year serving as deputy for the Women’s Campaign, I’m excited to push our national women’s movement further forward in the year ahead.

A few of my priorities for this year include; researching sexual harassment in Further Education, advocating for improved survivor support, sex worker solidarity, political education for women’s officers and grassroots activists, and fighting the institutional barriers to education faced by women and non-binary students.

Its going to be a busy year! If there’s ever a campaign you’d like to get involved in, or a way I can support work in your union, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Studied Biomedical Science at St. George’s University of London