Vice President (Welfare)

Eva Crossan Jory

My name is Eva and I am your Vice President Welfare. This means I lead on campaigns within NUS to do with mental health, housing, health & the NHS, and faith. I also support the work for international students.

This is my second year and I'm so excited for all the projects we can work together on. Before my role in NUS, I was President of Goldsmiths SU where I got involved in my SU by working in the bar and setting up a ‘cut the rent’ campaign.

My main priorities for year will be campaigning for better funding and the re- introduction of NHS bursaries for nurses, midwives and other allied heath students. I’ll be campaigning to cut and cap the cost of rent UK wide and while helping students better understand their tenants’ rights and lobbying for m better mental health provisions in universities, colleges and society as a whole. This includes working hard to ensure our services are culturally competent.

If you'd like to be involved in any of these projects or have ideas let me know!

You can reach me on