Vice President (Union Development)

Erica Ramos

Hello, I’m Erica, NUS Vice President Union Development.

My aim is to empower students’ unions and make sure that they are equipped with the tools to represent their students.  My ambitions for the year are great but that’s because I believe students’ unions do great things.

#LoveSUs: One of my biggest priorities is to increase awareness of all the great achievements by students’ unions and students from across the country. Amplifying the amazing work that students on the ground are committed to, making things better not just in their institutions, but in the wider society, through education, politics and life experience.  I’ll build this alongside support for societies, sports, and engagement with your institutions.  We of course Love SUs but I want you to love us back and to do that I will be visible on campus, bring FE and apprentice members closer to us, and champion the NUS

Brexit, International and EU students: making sure your SUs are equipped with the right tools to support your home, EU and International students before and after Brexit. This includes providing you with the facts and updates on what’s going in the sector and information you can use to help support your students. I will also be supporting the call for a People’s Vote (as per our policy) and the No to No Deal Campaign;

TOTUM engagement Platform: I want to make sure the TOTUM platform reflects our values whilst providing better discounts that are relevant for your students. I’ll support students’ unions to help r students get the most out of the TOTUM engagement platform and the amazing opportunities of the discount features.