LGBT+ Officer (Women’s Place)

Eva Crossan Jory


Hello everyone! My name is Eden, and I'm going to be the NUS LGBT+ Officer (Women's Place) for 2018-2019, representing lesbian, gay, bi+ and trans students (among others) in the National Union of Students.
I have three main priorities this year, which I'll be working on alongside Rob and our fabulous committee:
1. Putting LGBT+ women at the heart of the NUS LGBT+ Campaign and uni/college LGBT+ groups.
2. Reforming the Campaign to put us in better touch with our members.
3. Empowering LGBT+ groups on campus through activist development.
If you are a student or officer who wants to be a part of the NUS LGBT+ Campaign's work or want the Campaign on your campus to help you with your issues, please get in touch!

Studied politics, philosophy and sociology at the University of Sheffield
she/her/hers and xe/xem/xyr