International Students’ Officer

Yinbo Yu

Hi I'm Yinbo - your NUS International Students' Officer. I previously served as a sabbatical officer for two years at UEA Students' Union and now completing my Masters in London at weekends. My passions include public houses and public services. Looking forward to the excitement and challenges ahead!

This year I will:
- Create an ‘Internationalisation Toolkit’ to support SUs in tackling barriers to engagement
- Organise an ‘International Students in Leadership’ conference
- Create an Anti-Deportation guidance book
- Commission research on international students’ mental health and produce an ‘International Students Experience in the UK’ report
- Lobby the Office of the Independent Adjudicator to review their good practice guidance on plagiarism and dealing with international students' appeals
- Commission research into the attainment gaps of international students from different countries compared to home students
- Continue to campaign for fixed fees for international students, and better scrutiny of course quality

Studied economics at UCL and UEA
Former Activities and Opportunities Officer at UEASU