Black Students’ Officer

Fope Olaleye

Hello, I am Fope and I am your NUS Black Students’ Officer for 2019-2020!

This last year has seen many challenges raised against African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean communities. From violent deportations of our elders to the Gangs Matrix terrorising our youth, we see the brunt force of state violence on our most vulnerable. And this is not limited to our communities - the very institutions our elders encourage us to attend and excel in replicate the oppression we face outside. From violent racism on school playgrounds, to being stopped and searched on the way to college to constant microaggressions in university seminars. 

Our communities are being trampled on whilst our movements face suppression. From infiltration by undercover police to surveillance through Prevent to the active side-lining of Palestine solidarity we see the enforced breakdown of the movements that are meant to defend us.

This year I will be focusing on expanding the decolonisation movement and giving students the tools to begin challenging oppressive structures on campus, continuing the campaign work on abolishing Prevent and interweaving international solidarity in all the work we do.