Black Students’ Officer

Ilyas Nagdee

Hey all, I'm Ilyas and I'm the full-time representative for over one million Students of Colour (African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean descent) in universities and colleges across the UK. If you ever need to get in touch drop me an email and I'll be happy to chat!

I've got lots of things that I'll be doing this year, from continuing to work on the attainment gap and tackling institutional racism both within institutions and the student movement. I'll be continuing the #StudentsNotSuspects campaign, pushing against the implementation of the Prevent agenda in our spaces of learning.

I'll be working to strengthen the campaign in the nations and to engage more students from FE backgrounds. I'll be focusing on many other things as well, like access, working with Black sections in trade unions and supporting part-time officers across the UK.

Studied Middle Eastern Studies at University of Manchester
Former UMSU Diversity Officer