National Union of Students welcomes your participation at our annual Trans Students Conference, taking place on 30 April - 1 May 2018 in Holiday Inn Manchester.

NUS Trans Students' Conference is the sovereign policy-making body of the Trans Students' Campaign which is a politically autonomous part of NUS UK.

This Conference brings together delegates from students' unions affiliated to NUS UK to discuss, debate and vote on motions and elect the political leadership for the year ahead.

Trans Campaign Rules

As this is the first year of the Trans Campaign there will be the chance to propose rule changes in the amendments process for this conference.

Delegate Entitlement

Each Union may send up to 5 delegates and 1 observer, consisting of: 

  • one Open Place

  • one Non-Binary Students’ place

  • one Women’s place

  • one Black Students’ Place

  • one Disabled Students’ Place

Where possible these delegates shall be selected by each CM by an election at which only self-defining trans students may vote. Unions may choose to assume that a Trans student elected to attend NUS LGBT+ Conference is correspondingly elected to attend Trans conference.

Key Dates

Please note that all deadlines are at 12 noon. We cannot accept further registrations beyond the stated date and time.

8 January 2018

Opening of motions and nominations for full time officer 


6 March 2018

Motions and Reports deadline


20 March 2018

Amendments deadline  

20 March 2018

Close of nominations for Trans Students’ Officer  

16 April 2018

Close of registration for attending conference

16 April 2018

Close of challenge to Trans Students’ Officer candidates


If you reqire additional Information about this conference please contact or