Active Students

The Active Students programme has been funded by Sport England as a pilot to test how we can increase physical activity of students. We have £50,000 of funding in this pilot year to distribute to 3 or 4 projects that will be led by students’ unions. There’s more detail about the aims of Active Students in Ali Milani’s blog.


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We invite English member students’ unions to submit an Expression of Interest to NUS, explaining what your ideas are for increasing physical activity. The projects must be a collaboration between HE and FE and must be impact-driven. The Expression of Interest process will close on  Monday 13th August at 4pm. If you have any questions about the programme please email the Active Students team.


The Expression of Interest asks for the following information, and we encourage you to meet with neighbouring SUs and other key partners prior to starting your Expression of Interest. However, you will be able to complete it in sections, save it and go back to it.

  • Project title (10 words)
  • Summary (250 words)
  • SU leading the proposal and contact details
  • The project team – who else is involved
  • Project rationale (250 words)
  • Aims (maximum 5)
  • Project plan (Maximum 1 page - uploaded separately)
  • Legacy plan (250 words)
  • Monitoring and evaluation plan (250 words)
  • Marketing, communications and media plan (250 words)
  • Key milestones
  • Budget
  • Equality (200 words)
  • Sign-off from budget holder of SU leading proposal


If you are interested in Active Students and want to be kept in the loop about the programme, including case studies, lessons learnt, and future opportunities, please sign-up to the Active Students mailing list here


The data submitted with this form will be used by NUS and Sport England to make a decision about which projects to fund as part of the Active Students programme. Your data will be stored securely by NUS and Sport England and will not be passed on to any third parties.