Ready To Rent

Ready to Rent was our landmark programme of training for student renters, equipping students’ unions with all the tools they needed to support students to have a successful time in the private rented sector. While the training programme has now closed, we still have an abundance of support matericals and advice that your students' may find helpful.  Feel free to share the below resources to ensure your students are 'Ready to Rent'. 


Choosing housemates

For those students thinking of moving in with other people, they can follow these top tips for harmonious co-habiting.

House-hunting checklist

This resource helps students ensure they're asking the right questions and looking out for the right things when viewing a property. 

House-hunting video

This video covers some of the key points about how to avoid problems when house-hunting. 

Right to Rent checks

When students apply to rent a home in England, the landlord or letting agent will ask for additional information so they can complete a 'Right to Rent' check, but what does it mean?

As part of the Immigration Act 2014, landlords will be required to check their tenants' immigration status before offering a tenancy agreement to make sure that the tenant has a 'right to rent’, meaning that they are in the country legally as a UK citizen, EU or EEA national or have valid immigration permission to be in the UK.

Right to Rent checks are not currently required by law in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Students can read our How To guide on Right to Rent checks and visit Shelter's website for more information.

Things to consider before signing on the dotted line

This resource goes over some of the key things students will need to consider before they sign a contract. 

Signing a contract video

This video covers some of the key things to think about when signing a contract for a property in the private rented sector. 

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Moving in 

This resource covers some of the key things students should think about when they’re moving in to a new rented home. 

Tenancy trouble-shooting 

The below resources cover some of the main rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords, as well as some common problems while renting and what actions to take.
- England
Northern Ireland

Tenancy tips video

This video covers some of the key rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, as well as how to ensure that tenants have the best possible chance of getting their deposit back. 

Managing money

With rent, bills, food, phone, clothes and activities all to pay for, setting and sticking to a budget can be hard.

Students can check out our video on managing their money which covers how to budget, what to do if they run out of funds, which bills to prioritise and where to get help if they're worrying about money.

Energy saving advice

When looking for a property there are a number of actions students can take to save money on energy bills. Check out our guidance document for details.

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Moving out 

This resource covers some of the key things students need to think about when moving out of a rented property. 

Getting a deposit back

Visit the Tenancy Deposit Scheme website for information and advice on how to get a deposit back.

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What was Ready to Rent?

Ready to Rent was a free training programme for students to support them to understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants renting a home. 

How can I access Ready to Rent training on campus?

Students’ unions or associations can access Ready to Rent resources specifically designed with them in mind. Resources for students’ unions include workshop plans and templates, training guides and promotional materials- everything you need to run your own Ready to Rent workshop. If you’re an SU or an SA and want to know more, sign up here.

If you’re a student and you want to attend a Ready to Rent workshop, contact your students’ union or association and let them know about the free online resources.

I’m not currently a student, can I use Ready to Rent?

Ready to Rent has been produced by NUS to support student renters. However, we know that issues that affect tenants, don’t just affect students. Ready to Rent is suitable for anyone who is living, or planning to live, in rented housing.

How much did Ready to Rent training cost?

Ready to Rent training was kindly funded by the TDS Charitable Foundation, which meant that we could provide all of the learning materials for free.