Housing and community

Housing and community are key areas of students’ unions work to support students beyond the classroom. Ensuring that students have access to safe and affordable accommodation which suits their needs is a hugely important part of what the student movement does.

Students have all sort of different housing needs and NUS and students’ unions carry out work in several different areas:

  • Students living in university managed purpose built accommodation (i.e. halls)
  • Students living in privately run purpose built accommodation
  • Students living in the private rented sector (i.e. from a landlord or a letting agent)

Each summer, NUS works with Unipol, a student housing charity, to deliver bespoke training for students’ union officers and staff.

Housing How to briefings

If you are considering developing your work on student housing, you may find our briefing series Housing How To, a useful starting point.

Each edition provides useful information on particular interventions students’ unions can make and case studies of students’ unions who have done this successfully.

Private sector research

If you are working on issues in the private rented sector, you might also want to look at our 2014 research, Homes Fit for Study – a detailed look at students’ experience of living in the private rented sector, as well as an examination of why students make the housing choices they do.

If your main focus is on influencing the cost of rents in purpose-built student accommodation, read our most recent edition of the Accommodation Costs Survey (2012/13) and have a look at some of our accommodation costs resources:

We also have a number of other resources on a whole range of topics around housing and community for you to explore.If you think you might require any support with your housing and community work, you can contact Rory Hughes, Research and Policy Officer (Welfare) on