The Teaching Excellence Framework

The Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF) is a framework intended to assess the teaching quality of higher education institutions - but NUS does not think it is fit for purpose and has been campaigning and lobbying around it since its inception. It is currently undergoing an Independent Review, as well as being delivered in universities and colleges, and will be compulsory from 2020. 

We will update this page with new briefings and information on all aspects of the TEF as necessary, so please remember to visit this page regularly for updates. 

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TEF Year Four Results
While it is being reviewed, the TEF is still being rolled out in universities and colleges. Results for the fourth year of the exercise are public on 19 June 2019. We have produced a briefing on what to expect and what it means for your union over the next year.


The Independent Review of the TEF
The government has launched the Independent Review of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

This review could change every aspect of the TEF, from the names of ratings to the metrics used. This is our opportunity to create a framework for excellent teaching which really reflects what students want and pushes teaching to improve, rather than making providers compete against each other.

You can read our response to the Call for Views and the initial briefing we've prepared to give you some key things to think about. We will brief students' unions as soon as the Review is released.