Friday 26 January 2018

Our #LoveSUs campaign launches on 22 January and this year focuses on how SUs impact the lives of individual students


Let’s make sure everyone knows the value of what we do for all students.


Friday 26 January will be #LoveSUs Day of Action, where we come together to highlight the impact of students’ unions on individual students and why we're incredibly proud of all our amazing work. 


On #LoveSUs Day we'll be asking students to highlight the personal impact their students' union has had on them. 


In 2016, we received a huge amount of support with students, officers and others sharing the reasons why they love students' unions. So much so that #LoveSUs was trending all day on Twitter!  Let's aim for the same success in 2018!


We'll be sharing more information about the campaign here so save the date and share the word because we all #LoveSUs!