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Accessible Housing Campaign Briefing

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Fire Safety

Fire Safety and High Rise Student Accommodation

FAQ on fire-safety in student accommodation following the recent Bolton Fire

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Academic Sanctions for Non-Academic Debt SU Briefing

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The Private Rented Sector (PRS)

Many issues that students face in the PRS are like those impacting all renters and NUS often works with other renters’ organisations as a result. However, there are a range of issues that students face in the PRS that are different from others, in addition we are the only part of the PRS that is fully unionised!

Recent NUS Wins

NUS has worked alongside a coalition of renters’ organisations to repeal Section 21, which the government has announced it is planning to do.

NUS helped lobby for the Homes (fitness for human habitation) Act 2019

NUS helped lobby for the introduction of the Tenant Fees Act 2019

National Activity

NUS is regularly engaged in lobbying and campaigns on the issue of student accommodation. Keep an eye on this page to see how you can get involved!


NUS’ primary research on students in the PRS comes through our regular Homes Fit for Study survey of student renters. The report looks at everything from costs to conditions, from who students live with to their knowledge of the sector.

Homes Fit for Study 2019

Homes Fit for Study 2019 (Fuel Poverty Briefing)

Homes Fit for Study 2015

Homes Fit for Study 2015 (London Briefing)

Homes Fit for Study 2015 (FE Briefing)

Homes Fit for Study 2015 (International Students Briefing)

Ready to Rent

Ready to Rent is a free training programme for students living in the private rented sector, to support them to understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants.

The aim of Ready to Rent is to empower students to understand and exercise their rights when it comes to renting a property. We also aim to help students understand their responsibilities as tenants. From signing fair tenancy agreements to getting their full deposit back, we want students to have a great time when they rent. Everyone has the right to a safe, warm, affordable home and Ready to Rent training can help make that happen.

There is also guidance on how students can live sustainably and get more affordable energy bills on our Student Switch Off mini-site.

Tenants unions

Housing How-To | Tenants Unions

Guarantor Schemes

Housing How-To | University Guarantor Scheme

Housing How-To | Campaign for University Guarantor Schemes

International Students

Housing How-To | International Students

Housing How-To | Right to Rent

Landlord Ratings

Housing How-To | Rate Your Landlord

Housing How-To | Rate Your Landlord Surveys

Housing Awareness Campaigning

Housing How-To | Making your Message Heard

Moving in Period

Housing How-To | Moving In

Burglary Prevention

Housing How-To | Burglary

Working With External Housing Companies

Housing How-To | Dealing with External Companies