How to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day

Planning a Holocaust Memorial Day Event? Not sure how? Read our essential guide to help your Student Union commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. From film screenings to live webcasts with Holocaust Survivors, there are a number of activities that can help you build awareness and honour Holocaust victims from accross the globe.

An NUS and UJS guide: How to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day


If you would like further information, please take a look at Our Living Memory booklet, a guide created by The Union of Jewish Students, the National Union of Students and the Holocaust Educational Trust. 

 Our Living Memory booklet has two aims:

1. To inform students about the events during the period of 1933 and 1945 and all those who fell at the hands of the Nazis

2. To encourage students’ unions and societies to put on events for Holocaust Memorial Day, which will include a commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust, Nazi persecution and subsequent genocides.

Our Living Memory wishes to unite the student world over an issue that changed the course of history. The purpose of this resource guide is to help you learn about and remember the events that occurred in 20th century Europe, and how you can commemorate those who were persecuted by the Nazis.