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Update Thursday 30 May: The Review of Post-18 Education and Funding has now landed. You can read our top line briefing, and we are also hosting two webinars to explore the Report’s recommendations further:

  • Friday June 7th, 2pm
  • Tuesday June 11th, 3pm

Registration to attend the webinars is now closed. If you have signed up, you will receive confirmation and joining instructions after this deadline.


As part of our further analysis of the recommendations included in the Review, we will be launching a series of additional briefings. Remember to visit this page for updates.


  1. Student loans and maintenance briefing.


You can also read our immediate response to the Augar Review and our response to the Prime Minister's statement.


We have always been clear that the Review should address the cost of living for students by recommending the reintroduction of maintenance grants. We advocate that education should be funded through general taxation, and recognised as a public good.

However, the Government has been lobbying to implement differential fees based on the subjects that you study - £6,500 for arts subjects to £13,500 for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.


With no sign of a government top up, and the Office for Students suggesting that it will not support universities experiencing financial difficulties, the likely effect of this is institutions pushed to collapse.


We also support the Early Day Motion 1997 tabled by cross-party members, which calls on the Government to introduce a fair and sustainable funding system that protects both student interests, institutional funding, and recognises higher education as an essential public good.




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🎥 View our videos from NUS President Shakira Martin, NUS Vice President (Higher Education) Amatey Doku and NUS Vice President (Further Education) Emily Chapman on our position on the differential fees, maintenance grants and supporting flexible working:







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