Campaign Launch

I weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg, cliciwch yma.

So, you want to be an anti-racist… Why decolonise? 

The officers take over the Insta Live on the 8th Oct, 6-7pm, @NUS_UK 

Find out how Decolonisation in theory and in practice gives us the tools to identify and take down systemic racism. Larissa, Hillary and Sara, your elected officers, will be answering all your questions on how you can take part in building something better for our education system and society and what our Decolonise Education campaign is about. You can watch the recording of the live below:


Decolonising Education: Past and Present - The Podcast 

Decolonisation in practice is about bringing to light and taking apart colonialist power in all its forms. For this, we also need to understand that society as we know it is built upon this power and the only solution is building a systemic approach for a systemic problem. The aim of this podcast is to create a historically grounded sense of the fact that colonialism has shaped and continues to shape our education system, and decolonial perspectives are absolutely essential to anti-racist work.  

Hosted by our incredible VP Liberation officer Sara Khan, this podcast will discuss how colonialism and imperialism are not something only from the past but is still very much present in our daily like. 


it's the 23rd and you feel like you didn't already get a chance to take part in Black History Month? Don't worry, we kept some recordings!

Listen to Hillary remembering what it was like to be a sabb campaigning for decolonisation.

Watch the recording of Larissa, talking about what is NUS doing for BLM and decolonising the UK's higher education sector.

A panel but also a case study, on what, why and how would Durham university be decolonised.

Has your education provider told you that to end racism, they're going to close the achievement gap? Well, that was a lie.


Grasping at the root: Decolonising education in practice. In collaboration with Birmingham Guild of Students

Grasping at the Root: Decolonising education in practice.

Panel discussion on the 28th Oct, 6-7:30pm.

Angela Davis poignantly says: “Radical simply means grasping things at the root.” From Rhodes must fall, to decolonise my curriculum, to student campaigners calling for divestment for social and environmental justice, we see that activists, student officers and academic staff have been spearheading the decolonising education movement here in the UK, making change at a local, national and international level. For our final event, join our incredible panellists discussing how we can put decolonisation into practice in order to create a new education system. 

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Register for the Guild wider 3 days Decolonisation in Practice conference, by clicking here.

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