Save Erasmus

I weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg, cliciwch yma.

The UK’s membership of the Erasmus programme faces an uncertain future. Let’s fight for commitment from the Government to Save Erasmus.

The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020. As a non-EU nation, the UK will automatically leave the programme at the end of 2020 unless the Government negotiates an agreement to become a third-party associated member. However, MPs voted against an amendment which would have enforced this negotiation.

There is still time to secure our membership of Erasmus but we need to work together to persuade the Government that the programme offers wide-reaching benefits that tomorrow’s students, and the country, would be worse off without.

Why we need to Save Erasmus

Erasmus gives students who would not normally be able to the ability to undertake placements abroad for either work or study.

  • These include college students who can struggle to find opportunities to study abroad that fit in with the traditional FE structure outside of Erasmus.
  • Those with caring responsibilities that can struggle to fund placements abroad.
  • Students from disadvantaged backgrounds who require greater maintenance support that Erasmus can provide.

Erasmus has provided an opportunity for personal development.

  • Students who have broadened their horizons by going abroad. Maybe they have gained experience in a new industry that they now plan to work in or plan to move to the country they studied in.
  • LGBT+ students who found the experience of going abroad crucial to explore their identity.

Erasmus delivers long-term economic benefits.

  • Many EU students have come to the UK on Erasmus placements and stayed on for further study or employment.
  • UK students have improved their employability by gaining experience and knowledge of other nations.

Join the fight

Have you benefitted from an Erasmus placement? Can you talk about the positive impact it had on your personal development, studies or employability? Are you due to go on an Erasmus placement later in your course and are worried whether you will still be able to?

We want to hear your story.

Click the link below to share your experiences and build the case for saving the UK’s membership of Erasmus.

Follow the campaign on our social channels using the hashtag #SaveErasmus.